John O'Brien (Jack, or Obie) was Liz's uncle, and he was a well known jazz pianist starting at the earliest days of the genre (early 1920s).  Jack continued to play for several decades.  He befriended the Harlam stride pianist Willie "the Lion" Smith, from whom he learned much about jazz piano style.  I am indebted for Jack's love, and for all that he passed on to me, some of which I have now passed on to my students in various ways.

Jack recorded in Germany in the late 1920s:

It's A Million to One 

Music and Moonlight 

My Sunday Girl 

More Jack (family) recordings:

Jack 1987 

Jack and Liz 1989

Jack O'Brien

A sampler of Richard's recordings with some scores for sale! 


A Joyful Procession composed for Rachel and Riley Kudlick's wedding in 2011  Buy score now

Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bonds Buy score now

Jesus Christ Is Ris’n Today 

At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing 

Now All the Vault 

Winter Nite composed by Jack O'Brien played by Richard

You Just Can't Say composed by Jack O'Brien played by Richard

Bach Prelude  in B Flat (WTC I) piano

Bach Fugue in B Flat (WTC I)  synthesizer version

Brahms Prelude in A minor (synthesizer version)

Laid Back Summer Day just jamming by myself while in the woods of Fayette, Maine (2010)

Conversation in the Woods (September 2016)