Photos of the Impoundment Area

The impoundment, as of 6/29/2017.  The water flows from north to south from David Pond to Parker Pond.

Another view of the impoundment, with a seven foot long kayak paddle for scale.

This is looking south, upstream in the outlet from David Pond from the impoundment.

Evidence of stonework from earlier builders in the vicinity of the impoundment, suggests that water control structures have been in place for a considerable time.

From this view water can be seen flowing at lower right.  Before the recent disturbances, the overflow was much less.

Local history indicates that several decades ago there were few trees in the area of the impoundment.  But now, when trees are uprooted, it can cause problems.

This photo and the next two photos show the distance the loons had to travel this year on Loon Island, and also the height, due to the rapid decline in water level. The pictures were taken just after the successful hatching of two chicks on July 5th of this year. They have been nesting in this same spot for about 10 years, successfully hatching two eggs most years.  If the impoundment were to be removed it would be detrimental to this successful loon nest.

Lake View Estates Dock Spring 2016.  Water levels were normal for that time of year.

Lake View Dock Estates Dock later in the Summer 2016.  If the impoundment had been removed then, the water level could have been an additional three feet lower, which would have made access to the water extremely difficult.

Here is a photo taken in Dec. 2015 after the beaver dam at the impoundment site was vandalized.  The resulting outflow of water is remarkable.

The photos below show the effect if David Pond water level went down two feet!

1 - This is approximately 200 feet from shore at 24” depth, causing the entire wetland area to dry up.

2 -  Zoomed out from photo 1.

3 - This is approximately 30 feet from shore off a ledge at 24“ depth.

4 - Basin inlet, approximately 30 feet from shore at   24“ depth.

5 - Basin canoe takeout at 22“ depth.

6 - At Mary’s old house 25 to 65 feet from shore at 24” depth

7 - West side of Flagg Island approximately 200 feet from shore at 24” depth.

8 - Water level marks on ledge.

9 - Water level marks on ledge.

10 - Near Mary Lynch’s property approximately 50 - 60 feet from shore at 24” depth.

11 - Around the point past near narrows section 60 feet from shore at 24” depth.

12 - Near Wes Hodgkins’ camp approximately 50 feet from shore at 24” depth.

13 - Near boat launch about 30 feet from shore at 24” depth.

14 - Rene Mathieu’s boat at his dock in weedy shallow water.