Family History

See recently discovered photos of my father Kenneth Wagner Hicks, found in an anniversary directory for First Presbyterian Church, Dennison Ohio.  Also see his welcome message.

I have been doing some research on my ancestors. See my ancester page.  Download the chart and then open it in a PDF viewer such as Preview or Adobe (zoom in as necessary).  If family members want to have access to the extended family tree, contact me for access to the information.  The image on the right is a photo of my great grandfather Joseph Hicks (1841-1887), piano maker, wine taster, and Civil War veteran who fought and was injured at the Battle of Gettysburg.  He was born in Bristol, UK.  He moved to US with his family when he was age six.  His father George made barrel-player pianos, first in The UK, later in Brooklyn, NY.

The farthest back I have gotten is Griffith Ap Llewelyn, 1360–1395, born in Corsygedol, Merionethshire, Wales.

Pedigree chart Elenor Janeway Hicks - Emma Marple (mother of Kenneth W Hicks)

Pedigree chart Emma Marple - Roger Vaughan, knight who died at Battle of Agincourt on 10/25/1415.