Richard Hicks has worked as a pianist and organist in various capacities since he was a teenager in the 1960s, as a church organist and director, solo performer, accompanist, and studio musician.  Richard’s performance experience includes classical piano and organ repertoire,  jazz,  blues, rock, and other genres.  

Richard earned a bachelor's degree in piano performance at Syracuse University, and a master's degree in music education and piano performance at The Hartt School,  He completed graduate work at Central Connecticut State University leading to an additional teaching endorsement in elementary education.  He has also studied computer science.

Richard taught music history and music theory at The Hartt School as part of his graduate fellowship responsibilities.  In 1979 he began teaching music (and computer skills) at The Independent Day School in Middlefield, and in 1988 he started teaching music at Hamden Public Schools.  In 2015, Richard retired as a music teacher, after 36 years of being fortunate enough to do what he loves. 

Richard worked as a church organist and music director in various churches, including Augustana Lutheran (Meriden, CT), Church of the Resurrection (Roman Catholic in Wallingford), Unitarian Universalist Church (Meriden, CT), and Concordia Lutheran Church (Manchester, CT), where in 2015 he retired as minister of music.  Richard was honored by Concordia with the title Minister of Music, Emeritus. He now continues to work as a free-lance musician in New England. 

Availability as Musician

I am available in Maine as an organist or pianist.

Map of availability in Maine

Suggested Fees


I am webmaster for the following web sites:

Lake View Estates Homeowners Association, a community in Fayette, Maine, where my wife Liz and I enjoy the incredible beauty and serenity of the north country.

Thankful Hand Gems, featuring handcrafted jewelry and gemstone carvings by my brother Tim Hicks, who works  in Tuscon AZ.

The Basin, David, and Tilton Ponds Association, in Fayette, ME (and adjacent towns),

BDTPA Mission Statement: 

“BDTPA works to improve the water quality of the ponds and their total environment.The association also educates and informs landowners, their guests, and other interested individuals on issues of water qulity, invasive plants, and other environmental and safety concerns.”

Family History

See recently discovered photos of my father Kenneth Wagner Hicks, found in an anniversary directory for First Presbyterian Church, Dennison Ohio.  Also see his welcome message.

I have been doing some research on my ancestors. See my ancester page.  Download the chart and then open it in a PDF viewer such as Preview or Adobe (zoom in as necessary).  If family members want to have access to the extended family tree, contact me for access to the information.  The image on the right is a photo of my great grandfather Joseph Hicks (1841-1887), piano maker, wine taster, and Civil War veteran who fought and was injured at the Battle of Gettysburg.  He was born in Bristol, UK.  He moved to US with his family when he was age six.  His father George made barrel-player pianos, first in The UK, later in Brooklyn, NY.

The farthest back I have gotten is Griffith Ap Llewelyn, 1360–1395, born in Corsygedol, Merionethshire, Wales.

Earliest Music Printed Music In the New World

See earliest printed music in the New World!