Grandnieces and Grandnephews Project

Richard composed miniature musical sketches, based on the names of our grandneices and grandnephews.  There are many ways to translate words into music.  One approach is to assign each letter of the musical alphabet (A - G) with all the letters in the alphabet.  Maurice Ravel used a German model for this, using the German system, where B natural is ‘H’ and B is B flat.  The rest of the alphabet lines up as seen in the chart below.

Using the letters from the full names, I determined the pitches to be used for each name.  The unique character of each musically encrypted name inspires the style and historical influence of each miniature composition.

Grandnieces & Grandnephews in alphabetical order:

Avery Key - Movie - MP3 - PDF

Blaine Key - Movie -  MP3 - PDF

Levi Key - Movie - MP3 - PDF

Rylee Key - Movie - MP3 -PDF

Samantha Key - Movie - MP3 - PDF

Scarlett Key - Movie - MP3 - PDF

Shelby Key - Movie - MP3 - PDF

Tanner Key - Movie - MP3 - PDF

Wyatt Key - Movie - MP3 - PDF

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